Construction Mediation/Arbitration Services

Chuck is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Specialist with Construction Dispute Resolution Services, LLC. (CDRS).  CDRS is a professional dispute resolution firm that specializes in both residential and commercial construction disputes and is available to conduct mediations and/or arbitrations anywhere in the United States and in selected foreign countries.  In addition, CDRS provides construction specialists and expert witnesses for any form of dispute resolution including civil litigation.  CDRS also specializes in providing experts to serve on Dispute Review Boards and Construction Settlement Panels for major construction projects.

Chuck has extensive training in alternative dispute resolution and is experienced in providing an independent, unbiased and neutral mediation or arbitration process.  He has the ability to know how to be a convincing construction industry specialist while serving as a professional witness or while providing expert testimony during a dispute proceeding

He chairs Ethics and Arbitration Committee of the Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho.

Expert Witness Services

Chuck has served the Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses and the Idaho Contractors Board since 2008 as an advisor and expert witness reviewing complaints against contractors and providing written opinions regarding the techniques, practices, conduct, quality of the services provided, ethical appropriateness of the client/professional relationship, and any violations of violation of public laws, ordinances or rules of State or any subdivision thereof, relevant to contracting or the Board’s rules, and code of ethics.

Chuck has served as an expert witness in several construction related lawsuits for law firms in Idaho and other states including Charles Hepworth – Hepworth Holzer LLC, Erin Wynne – Wynne Law PLLC, Joe Frick PLLC, R. Greg Ferney – Idaho Law Group, and Rapoport Law Offices, Chicago, Illinois.