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Homeowners Seeking Increased Comfort, Not Increased Resale Value

According to ServiceMagic’s recently released Home Remodeling & Repair Index containing information compiled from 3.1 million service requests received through online marketplace from January to June of this year, as well as results from a survey of homeowners and service professionals conducted in July, homeowners are still looking to invest in home improvement projects that increase their home’s energy efficiency and contribute to better overall living quality.

When asked “Why are energy efficient home improvement projects important to you?” 35% of homeowners cited saving money on energy costs, 25% responded that saving energy helps the environment, and 23% responded it would increase the comfort of their home.

The majority of homeowners, 82%, said they were investing in home improvement projects to increase overall living quality. Only a very small percentage, 13%, were seeking to increase the value of their home. 4% were putting their house on the market and wanted to increase its value and 1% were putting their house on the market and wanted to increase its curb appeal.

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