Builders, Realtors, lost your income? Worried about feeding yourself and your family? Read This.

Since the beginning of time, man has sought fruitlessly for the Fountain of Youth. An array of studies done on various mammals have shown that it is possible to promote longevity. Far and away the most effective method is restricting caloric intake by as much as 30 percent. In every case, as long as optimum nutritional requirements are met, average and maximum life expectancies are increased by an equal amount.

According to a paper just published in the prestigious journal Science, restricting food intake dramatically prolongs life in a close relative of man: the monkey. Conducted over 20 years, the study has found that only 20 percent of the calorically restricted animals have died, compared with 50 percent of those allowed to eat anything they want. Not only that, the restricted animals look much younger, have fewer physical disabilities and have a much lower prevalence of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Their immune function is much better, and every marker that measures biologic age is improved. And interestingly, caloric restriction does not lead to significant differences in weight, as these animals handle calories much more efficiently.

The fact that restricting calories prolongs life expectancy in monkeys makes it highly likely that a similar effect occurs in humans.

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