Construction Mediation / Arbitration

Chuck Miller Consulting LLC provides Construction Mediation Arbitration services for Builders, Remodelers, Trade Contractors, Home Buyers and Home Owners.

It is virtually impossible to complete a construction project of any size without a few disputes developing. Although most are minor, some may be major – involving greater amounts of money. A major dispute early in the construction process may cause extreme tension between the parties if not handled expeditiously. Or the project might need to shut down pending the resolution of the dispute.

For Builders, Remodelers, and Trade Contractors, how well you are prepared to handle disputes may very well determine whether you will make a profit. The U.S. Constitution guarantees all of us the right to our day in court and to sue each other. However, the problem with using the court system is that it has become so costly and takes so long. For those reasons, many contractors and tradespeople don’t pursue litigation against an unreasonable client, even if they know that they’re right

Even the smallest of construction cases with the most cost-conscious legal counsel will run $300,000 to litigate. On average, U.S. district court cases take more than 12 months longer to get to trial than cases adjudicated by arbitration (24.2 months vs 11.6 months). Additionally, either party can appeal a court decision if it is unhappy with the verdict. And the appeal process can add many months and even years to the dispute resolution process.

Chuck has extensive training in alternative dispute resolution and is experienced in conducting an independent, unbiased and neutral mediation or arbitration process. 

Chuck’s Construction Mediation Arbitration Services Training

CDRS Dispute Review Board Certificate
CDRS Arbitration Certificate
Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate

He is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Specialist with Construction Dispute Resolution Services (CDRS). Construction Duspute Resolution Services is a professional dispute resolution firm that specializes in both residential and commercial construction disputes. CDRS is available to conduct mediations and/or arbitrations anywhere in the United States and in selected foreign countries.  Additionally, CDRS also specializes in providing experts to serve on Dispute Review Boards and Construction Settlement Panels for major construction projects.

In addition, Chuck also chairs Ethics and Arbitration Committee of the Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho.

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